Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Today, i also did our draft sketches. These sketches were of the title that would be seen within our sequence. To do this, i just drew them on some paper so that we could later scan them onto the computer and then upload them tot he blog. I did six different titles:
Poor Little Daniel
Daniel Alaka
Jake Margetts
George Trusler
Produced by.....
Directed by.....
I did this so that we knew roughly what we wanted our titles to look like in the sequence. From there, we can change the sizes and duration of each title within the sequence.


  1. Hi George. This is good but it is missing the most important part of the work and that's a reflective evaluation of what you have done.
    The facts that you have recorded need to have a reflective evaluation or analysis - that starts with "what went well", goes on to "even better if", and finishes with "what I have learned".
    Not all the blogs will take this in depth, but one or two will, and you need to be careful about selecting the right ones for analysis.
    This leads on eventually to your seven point evaluation where you will go into depth.
    TASK: choose the right blog comments, ones where you have achieved a serious piece of work or made strong progress.
    Make these added comments: reflective evaluation or analysis, "what went well", "even better if", and "what I have learned".
    The added word count could be up to 50 words, but may be less.
    Let's look at one in class and help you along with it.
    Also, look at
    and read other students' blogs.

    1. . . . and put some graphics in to illustrate what you have been doing - e.g. for the storyboards and shotlists, and anything else you can think of.