Thursday, 22 March 2012

Starting 2 weeks ago, we have been editing our final film. We got our footage over the course of a week £ weeks ago. We would have been quicker but we had an issue in that we had filmed outside when the weather was different meaning that at one point the sky was clear and blue and then at another, the sky was dark and grey. This meant that we had to re-film in the gym so that this would not be an issue. Once we had started this, we already knew exactly what we needed because of our script, storyboard and props list. This made the process a lot quicker. It took around 3 hours of filming before we were satisfied that we had enough footage and different shots to make our two minute long title sequence. Once we had done this, we uploaded all of our clips on to a computer so that we could edit them all together using 'Final Cut Express'. Throughout the editing stage we kept making as many improvements as possible. I then saw a Nike advert which was a basketball montage and then used this as inspiration for our sequence. This meant that we would need to cut some of the shots so that they were faster and more frequent so that it would be more interesting and exciting. Once we had done this, we found out that our film had been nominated for an award at the "RAFTA's"which is an award night at our school. After this night, we decided that we would need to add some music to our title sequence. We then searched the internet neil we found the song that suited our film the best and then applied it to our film. We then made the film fit to the music as well as we possibly could. Once we had done this, we started to make the titles for the sequence using 'Live Type'. We then put these titles into our sequence so that it was even closer to being finished.

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  1. Your marks will be improved by showing some screenshots and giving some comment/evaluation/reflection on them, and a short clip of the music and how this will affect your production, especially the edit. You are looking for emotional effects (not tears and anger, but the sense of drama and power, speed and skill that is satisfying to watch, along with clever edit)